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3D Matchmove & 3D Tracking

Achieving Cinematic Quality 3D Tracking & Matchmove needs a proficient team who knows their stuff. That's who we are

3D Matchmove & 3D Tracking in visual effects is a crucial process that helps to create a realistic and believable effect. It is a technical process that requires a lot of skill and finesse, but it can make all the difference in creating a convincing effect.

At FXiation Digitals, we understand that these processes are fundamental components of any VFX and that they need to be completed with precision and accuracy and that’s what we deliver.

2D Tracking

2D Tracking helps to create or copy realistic motion effects for elements that don’t exist in the shot quickly. We also use it in the process of correcting errors in a shot, such as fixing an object or removing unwanted objects from a scene. Having perfect 2D tracks allows for endless creative possibilities and forms the base for all forms of tracking. It is a skill that every artist in FXiation Digitals has mastered.

3D Camera Tracking

3D camera tracking allows for incredible creative freedom. It can be used to create entirely new scenes that were never filmed in the real world. It’s an essential part of any VFX workflow where the seamless merging of CGI elements with live action is crucial. We are a go-to team for delivering 3D camera tracking with incredible accuracy. Please don’t take our word for it. Try us out.

3D object tracking

Taking a level higher in terms of 3D tracking is 3D object tracking. It requires specialized skillsets, but the results are mindblowing. It allows us to accurately and precisely track an object’s motion, whether it’s a car, a person, or anything else. We understand the importance of accuracy and precision when it comes to 3D object tracking and hence generate a top-notch track each time.


With VFX breaking boundaries of what is possible to show on screen, Rotomation has become a very mainstream skill. It’s a process where animators match the movement of a live-action character and implement it on a 3D model. It utilizes the same principles as traditional animation. Our animators at FXiation Digitals are extremely adept at these skills and have experience in delivering world-class results.

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