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Alpha mattes with VFX Rotoscopy & Keying

The secret behind world-class Visual Effects is always a perfect execution of rotoscopy or keying

Great quality alpha mattes allow for a level of detail and control that can be extremely useful in creating intricate visual effects. With the right techniques and creative ideas, mattes can be used to create some truly stunning visuals that bring your VFX projects to life.
Even though the matte extraction skill is so underrated and undervalued, it is still an essential component of any visual effects artist’s toolkit.


The quality of the output obtained through chroma keying can often be the difference between good and great production. The impact of chroma keying today’s time is far-reaching and is seen in nearly every movie made today. As a craft, it requires a lot of technical skill and attention to detail, but as a team, we understand when it’s done right, the results can be stunning.


The power of VFX Rotoscopy is such that it can make or break the shot. As a team, we understand its importance and the impact it has on the final composites that the general audience sees and appreciates. Rotoscoping is an art form that’s truly rewarding in the end. If you are looking for a team that does VFX Rotoscopy with the same love and effort that you do, then you have come to the right place.

Roto + Key

The combination of Keying and VFX Rotoscopy is incredibly powerful. They each have their own strengths that complement their speed and quality. It allows for a VFX artist to create mattes so detailed that makes the final results look absolutely beautiful. Every now and then we have combined both techniques together to deliver mattes that the clients love and keep coming back for.

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