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VFX Compositing

VFX compositing when done right has the intended effect on the audience. We understand that and deliver it to get that effect.

In visual effects, compositing is a magical moment when a director’s vision comes to life on the big screen. We understand how crucial this step is and align to deliver results that matches to the original vision.

Combining our technical expertise, meticulous attention to details and a genuine love for the craft you can be sure that your final creation will come to life in all its glory to be appreciated by your audience.

Mood Change

VFX Compositing when done right can be an incredibly powerful when it comes to manipulating the mood of a scene. The right combination of VFX techniques can transform a scene from being light and airy to dark and mysterious, or from being mundane and everyday to something wholly magical. The possibilities of what VFX can do to change a scene’s mood are virtually limitless.


Nothing compares to refreshing old content with a modern twist. With the help of VFX, you can completely transform old content, giving it a completely new look and feel. Whether it’s updating the labels, adding new textures, or adding an element, we can do all of that to make it look relevant to the current times. This gives a whole new engagement on your old and popular content.


VFX compositing experts in our team can transport viewers to any corner of the world, to any time period, and any alternate reality. From the smallest of background changes to the most massive of landscape transformations, we have enabled filmmakers to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create truly memorable cinematic experiences.

Stylized Compositing

At its core, VFX compositing is about creating a beautiful image, no matter how surreal the content is. It is about creating a unique and captivating aesthetic with the use of a variety of different elements. With the help of VFX compositing, we take your creative ideas to the next level and craft visuals that are simply breathtaking!

Screen CompOSITING

Existing in the realm of invisible VFX, screen compositing is a very common practice in todays date. The idea is to display a different message than it actually is. It is used to create a clever and unexpected plot twist, or even to create a humorous gag. At FXiation Digitals, we are proud to have years of experience in doing this kind of work and deliver output that drives the story forward.

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